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About Charanga

Introducing Charanga

Charanga is a music education and technology company based in Brighton in the UK. The organisation has developed an online platform that provides teachers and students with the help and resources they need to achieve their musical ambitions.

Charanga believes everyone using its platform should enjoy every minute of their music education. The company is passionate about children’s music learning and its potential to help them grow up as kind, curious, and open-minded young people who are sensitive and knowledgeable about music and the arts.

Charanga is equally committed to supporting teachers with everything they need to teach music confidently, professionally and with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

Curriculum development

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Around the world, statutory music curricula vary significantly and always have an element of locally appropriate cultural content.

Across its 25+-year history, Charanga has developed teaching resources and Schemes of Work that enable schools to teach the required curriculum confidently and skillfully. They go further to ensure children and young people can develop their natural curiosity about music beyond the core curriculum and become creators of new music and inspirational art.

Today, Charanga works on curriculum development around the world. In addition to its very well-established National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence-aligned Schemes for England and Scotland, the company is working with government and other partners in Wales, Australia, the US, Denmark, and the Czech Republic to help provide similar state-of-the-art Schemes via its platform.

Charanga’s impact

Every day, more and more schools, teachers, and young people learn and make music using Charanga’s award-winning online platform. Teachers who are non-musicians say it’s increased their confidence. Music specialists say it’s helped them to refresh their approach.

Most important of all are the children and young people who are becoming more confident, realising their potential or simply enjoying music more, in and out of school, having used Charanga.